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SKL (Foundation for Quality Control of Agricultural Equipment) in Wageningen (the Netherlands) is the Dutch organisation for testing agricultural machines in use. 

SKL will achieve this by organising periodical inspections of equipment by SKL-certified testing stations. This testing stations can either be in the Netherlands or abroad.

At this moment is SKL supervising the sprayer-inspection scheme in the Netherlands. The testing of fieldcrop sprayers, sprayer for bush and tree crops and sprayers for weed control on pavements is obligatory.

This sprayers are testing according to SKL-test protocols at SKL certified teststations by qualified inspectors. This teststations have the right test-equipment to perform the inspections in the right way. SKL supervises the teststations and checks the test-equipment annualy. The results of the tests are put in a central webbased database. The owner of the sprayer will get a uniform testreport of the inspection and on the approved sprayers a label is placed.

The tests of the sprayers are done on a test-protocol based on the European standard EN-13790.

Next to the obligatory testing schemes, SKL has also a test-protocol for spraying equipment in greenhouses.

At this moment SKL is working together with the Dutch authorities to implement the European Directive 2009/128/ec. Before 2016 the test of all application equipment will be obligatory. To achieve uniform and qualitative tests SKL is active in workinggroups of ISO and CEN to establish new standards for testing the sprayers like ISO16122.

All activities of SKL are performed according to an ISO-9001:2008 certified quality management scheme

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